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The Objectives of and the Requirements for Publication of the Journal Entitled 'ECONOMICA'

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'Economica' is a scientific journal that is published by the College of Szolnok every quarter-year; the Senate, the decision-making body of the College ensures the editorial board's complete intellectual independence and freedom. We wish to assert the principles of erudition and scientific quality in our editorial work and also the requirements of the Economic Science Qualification Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) regarding the requirements for journals.

We issue publications dealing primarily with the topics of economic sciences, economic information science, social sciences related to economics, regional science, engineering, agriculture, and other scientific topics - and in special cases publications on linguistics written in the language in question - in accordance with the profile, the fields of education, and the majors of the institution.

In addition to the researchers and scientific workshops of the College our journal is open for the publication of the reflections and the papers of the wider county, national, and international professional public opinion. We also accept papers written in English, German or in any Romance language and in Russian; and in this case a detailed Hungarian summary has to be attached to the paper.

It is a general professional requirement for publication that the author should also explain and analyse in his/her study or article the economic aspect and the interdependencies of his/her chosen topic in the form of new research findings that had not been published before. We publish studies and articles on the basis of well-defined volume and formal requirements (they can be found on our homepage under ‘Recommendation to our Authors'), which had been proofread according to the regulations of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and of doctoral schools and are supplied with an abstract in English.

One of the main aspirations of ‘Economica' is to give an insight into the economic, social, and the environmental problems of Hungary and Europe, and their regional and world economic interconnections with the contribution of the researchers of other institutions of higher education and research centres. By these means our Dear Readers, professors, scientific workshops, and students can go to newer and newer Hungarian sources and - we are in the hope that - they can take part in the so much desirable dialogue between scientific institutions and various scientific fields. The Guest Chapter strives to serve this cause.

We join the training and intelligentsia educational programme of the College by providing an opportunity for our teachers and students to find one another in the common mental sphere of ‘Economica'. The Chapter of the Workshop of the Scientific Circle of Students prepared with the support of the student self-government gives an opportunity to students to regularly publish their research results.

The editorial committee welcomes each researcher's papers on the pages of the journal. We do not take the obligation - even when taking the reader's opinion into account - to publish the papers sent to us. We can assure our authors that we publish, both in print and on the Internet, the texts and illustrations that meet the volume and formal requirements of the editorial committee and have been approved in the course of the editorial work.

The publication of a paper does not mean that the editorial committee agrees with all the thoughts of the study or article; thus we give place to scholarly topics of debate and answers. Our journal is not in the position to pay a fee to our authors, but they get two complimentary copies of the journal and their study is published on the Internet via the homepage of the College under the editorship of the editorial committee.


* 'Economica' has entered its 4th volume this year. We have changed the outward appearance and also the typography of the journal. On the basis of our three years' experience we were of the opinion that taking the resolution of the Senate into consideration we must refine the wording of our mission statement, our content aims, and our requirements for publication. We have made the above-mentioned public with this intention.

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