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Scholarship opportunity for your students!

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Scholarship opportunity for your students!£5000 SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN THE UK IN 2017! 
Here at Study Without Borders, we do not award our scholarship based on your previous academic performance. Instead we will judge the winner based on what you contribute to the study abroad community:

Your Study Abroad Article
Write an original article about a city or a country where you have, or would like to, study abroad. We're looking for well researched, well written content - something that will help other students through their decision making process. You could talk about culture, events, education, history or anything else that you believe will help other students. Don't rush this, get it right - the better your article, the more chance you have of winning the scholarship. Simple!

Refer Other Students
Once you've completed your article and logged in you'll be given instructions about how to refer other students. The more students you refer, the more chance you have of winning the scholarship. Simple!

If you have a page on your website where you list scholarship opportunities, we would really appreciate it if you could include our scholarship there. 

Scholarship Details
Amount: £5000
Available To: Undergraduate students
Available For: Studying a masters in the UK in 2017

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