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BSc in Tourism & Catering - Curriculum

Programme aims
The primary aim of the programme is to provide you with an understanding and skills of hospitality and catering issues in an international context. The Bachelor of Science in Tourism & Catering at College of Szolnok will equip you with an adequate knowledge in economics, social sciences, business, communication skills, foreign languages and specific skills in the field of tourism for you to be able to organise and manage enterprises and business in an international environment. 

Major learning outcomes
Graduates will have the skills to

  • Analyse the tourism market, identify characteristics of tourism stakeholders
  • Market tourism products and services on national and international markets
  • Maintain business operations on the international tourism market
  • Apply management functions in an international environment
  • Conduct international business negotiations in two foreign languages
  • Identify problems, set and prioritise tasks, solve business problems in an international tourism environment
  • Work individually and in teams

Programme description
The programme consists of five major building blocks: a foundation module, a general business module, a tourism module, a specialisation module and a tourism business placement (internship) module. The teaching methodology is highly skills-development based and focuses on the practical use of the acquired knowledge. This includes interactive discussions, small group work, student projects and presentations, case studies, a business placement and other business problem related issues. Due to the international orientation of the programme, you will have the opportunity to take two foreign business languages. After the six academic semesters you will develop your skills and obtain tourism business experience during a one-semester placement/internship at a company or institution. The curriculum is taught entirely in English. 

Structure of studies
Academic credits altogether: 180
Placement credits: 30 
Credits altogether: 210

1 Hungarian credit = 1 ECTS
1 credit is defined as 30 student working hours